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    The Norfolk Harborfest is a large public festival in June, drawing ships from around the world, and also featuring the Parade of Sail, a gathering of sailing ships including tall ships and historic replicas.

    There were a lot of Irish settlers in the Hampton Roads area, and Norfolk's Ocean View neighborhood hosts a large Ocean View St. Patrick's Day Parade. Virginia Beach also hosts one of the largest St. Patrick's Day Parade events on the East Coast

    As one of the centers of Virginia population, the Hampton Roads cities host many cultural centers, including the Virginia Opera, Virginia Symphony Orchestra and Virginia Ballet.

    The Neptune Festival is a Virginia Beach public event in September, with lots of attractions and occasions, including the North American Sandsculpting Championship, a surfing contest, a volleyball tournament, arts and crafts, many food vendors and restaurant specials, live music, a 5K race, 8K race, and a grand parade.

    Norfolk is also the home of a parade of mermaids... The Norfolk Parade of Mermaids is a series of mermaid sculptures around the city. They can be found at a variety of sites around the city.